This  program offers the possibility to offer the associates of the PREVIDIR fund additional coverage and benefits, for those members that explicitly request it), full coverage, reimbursement of medical expenses, to also include reimbursement of  medical expenses resulting from COVID-19, accidents and assistance for their staff and employees  who travel both domestically and  internationally.

The reimbursements of expenses resulting from COVID-19, also include:

  • Return to the home residence of the insured
  • Advanced cash for basic first necessities
  • Medical, pharmaceutical and hospital expenses incurred during the travel to include additional travel days due to the epidemic
  • Expenses for the additional business travel days due to the epidemic
  • Beneficiaries

Coverage is available for the following categories of workers who travel abroad on behalf of the Company:

  • Executives
  • Middle management
  • White collar Employees, Blue Collar Employees
  • Holders, Legal Representatives, Directors, Board Members, Auditors, Contractors*
  • Accompanying family members*
  • Employees residing*
  • AIRE employees*

*(for these categories only it is necessary, at the inception date of coverage to provide the list of named insureds)

  • Main Features

All 8 available options provide the typical insurance benefits and services of  a business travel policy :

  • Assistance
  • Unlimited Medical repatriation costs
  • COVID-19 assistance
  • Trip cancellation
  • Travel assistance for the traveler to include family members, motor transportation ( where requested ) and return to their home residence
  • Innovative digital support for employee health and safety while traveling
  • Extension to non-EU employees, AIRE members or other figures such as Members, Directors, Consultants, Interns, family members.

All the options, except “1” and “4”, include coverage for  “Assistance and Medical Expenses” to include pre-existing pathologies and chronic diseases.

In addition, some options include extensions for:

  • Third Party Personal Liability
  • Baggage
  • Legal protection
  • Personal Accidents

For more details, you can download the relative prospectus.

  • Contribution Costs

The contributions required  to activate the Business Pass Program are equal to the cost per day of the insurance requested, at a minimum of 150 days per person and the total amounts due for the coverage shall be calculated at the end of the insurance period, based on the number of travel days which occurred both in Italy and / or abroad. An adjustment premium shall be calculated only for the difference of insurable days which exceed 150 days. In the event that the number of  travel days is less than 150, the deposit premium shall be paid 100 to  the insurer.

The annual membership fee for the Previdir Fund amounts to € 50.

The Company interested in joining will be able to choose one of the options indicated in the program; only one choice / option for each professional category adhering to the program is possible. If the associate decides to offer  different  solutions for homogeneous categories, it will be necessary to involve  several separate programs for each option requested.

  • App for employee health and safety while travelling

  • Access to a certified system for sympton self-assessment
  • Video consultation of a general practitioner
  • Health record, for storing data on medications and medical data
  • Health passport, for translations of health data to be shared with doctors on site

The insured can access “MyClinic” and choose to be contacted by a health care professional or contact the Operations Center directly.

Access to the online claims portal is also provided with a single click (single sign on option).

  • Access to country cards with information on safety, transport, prophylaxis, visa requirement, country rating for safety
  • Travel risk indicator which monitors the level of risk by country
  • Ability to record the trip in the App and receive 24-hour alerts in case of changes in travel risk exposure
  • In the app, both  direct links to MyClinic, and  telephone contacts of the Europ Assistance Operations Center together with  GardaWorld to request security services are available