Registration in the various programs offered by PREVIDIR may be subscribed by completing the appropriate forms.

  • Elegible Participants

As per the PREVIDIR  directives, the following individuals /organizations may enroll in the  programs offered hereunder:

  • all categories of Employers, corporate, cooperatives, individual companies, members of representative associations / federations;
  • Associations, Federations and their representatives;
  • Associations and federations, to include the;
  • Associations, funds, supplementary pension management funds, and any form of assistance ; including mutual relief organizations;
  • Public bodies, in general;
  • Professional studios, and other forms of aggregations of free lance employees or self employed personnel.

The application forms for enrolling in these programs must be duly completed and signed by the legal representative of the applicant. Once prepared, the documents  must be forwarded to the President of the fund together with the following information:

  • For legal entities: the name and location, the personal data of the legal representative, and a copy of the social register of the incorporation of the enrolee, together with the indication of the service plans for which enrollment is requested;
  • Associations or federations: the  name and location, the personal data of the legal representative of the applicant, a copy of the corporate statue and copy of the corporate act of incorporation, together with the indication of the service plans for which enrollment is required.

Admission is decided by the PREVIDIR Board of Directors through a simple majority and is conditional upon receipt of the contribution payments, within 30 days of the date of admission to the fund.

If an associate corporate member decides to withdraw from the fund, a registered letter (or PEC email) must be sent to PREVIDIR before 31 August of each calendar year. On the other hand, if withdrawl is requested from an individual Asssitance Plan, terms and conditions of withdrawl are listed in each single plan; but shall always be based on the quality of the individual associate status.

An associate insured  may be excluded from the plan following death, dissolution of the employer, company or association, resignation, morass, indignity and failure to activate benefit plans for two consecutive years. The loss of association shall result in the automatic exclusion from all outstanding programs at the first annual deadline. If the deceased associate is a single individual and has joined one of the programs with his or her family, the option to remain as participants of the chosen plan remains their choice.

  • Enrollment method

To register, it is necessary to fill in the form relating to the desired Program and attach a recent copy of the registration to the Chamber of Commerce, or, for Associations and Federations, a copy of the Statute and the Memorandum of Association, for Professional Studies, the updated list of Associates.

The registration forms regarding the specific programs need to be completed by the policy holder , and duly signed , indicating that the benefits in question shall apply to all employees belonging to the same category of employment. Thes forms may be sent by email to or by PEC (registered email), using .

Once the application for registration has been accepted by the Board of Directors, the Fund will forward a formal request for payment of the contribution relating to the requested Program.

This registration may be renewed or revoked on an annual basis.

Original documents must be sent by mail to: 

Previdir Support Fund
Andrea Noale, 206
00155 Rome