The captioned insurance program offered through PREVIDIR is a comprehensive life insurance program for Industrial Executives which meets the contractual obligations of their CCNL Colective National Labor Contract (CCNL article 12 Industrial Executives Labor Contract  2019).

This program guarantees coverage for events resulting in Death or Total Permanent Disability with some unique  features:

  • Recognition of full benefits to Total Permanant Disability, even if the insured may continue working;
  • Insured capitals: € 200.000 (previously it was € 150.000), if the manager has neither spouse nor dependent children; € 300.000 (previously it was € 220,000), if the manager’s household consists of one or more dependent children and/or spouse.

The company also has the power to supplement coverage from CCNL by increasing the insured capital:

  • € 300.000 to € 400.000 without any presentation of health records (exclusive condition for that category)
  • more than € 400.000 with the presentation of the expected medical documentation (activated for both the Death, Death and Death and IPT cases).

The policy holder also may choose the option to insure ONLY Life insurance, both in addition to the coverage provided for by contract and in autonomous form.