To meet the growing demands on private health spending

has developed with the Mutual Relief Society

Integrative Health Plans

made with

and aimed at providing differentiated solutions according to different needs.

  • Recipients

  • Employees without a reference contractual fund
  • Self-employed workers (traders, craftsmen, etc.)
  • Freelancers (notaries, lawyers, engineers, architects, etc.)
  • Students (from the age of 18, not tax-dependent) and housewives
  • Pensioners with a maximum age of 70 and up to the age of 80
  • Features of the Plans

  • Membership at any time of the year!
  • There is no selection at the entrance (no health questionnaire, no preventive medical examination). The maximum age of entry into coverage is 70 years, extending to 76 years if you switch from a Previdir/Rbm option to Previdir/Previsalute. The exit age is 80.
  • Health Plans are up and running immediately:
    • no shortages for prevention, dentistry, lenses and injuries
    • 30 days shortfall for care
    • 120 days short for out-of-hospital care
    • 300 days short for childbirth
  • You can choose to join individually or to protect your entire household. The expected contribution per household is independent of the number of members.
  • You can choose the "right size" for your health plan based on your protection needs!
  • Benefits and benefits reserved for members

  • Deductibility of contributions to the extent of 19% for Health Plans up to an annual amount of 1,300 euros!
  • Thanks to the large number of carers and the non-profit nature of Previsalute, the contribution is contained and even more affordable, with the possibility to choose to pay monthly without interest or in one solution!
  • Medical expenses resulting from previous illnesses are refundable after the 2nd year of coverage and the repayment terms are adjusted according to progressive steps in the following years until you get a full reimbursement from the 6th year of coverage:
    • 25% in the 3rd year
    • 50% in the 4th year
    • 75% in the 5th year
    • 100% from the 6th year

In the event of a seamless transition from a Previdir/RBM Programme to an individual Previdir/Previsalute Plan, the deficiencies can be absorbed, considering the years of continuous stay, for the guarantees already operating in the previous collective plan.

  • How to join

To join you just need to sign up on the dedicated platform by clicking here.

For any information call the dedicated number 06.88656353 or leave a message and you will be contacted:

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