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The Previdir Assistance Fund has accreditation in the Register of Health Funds, is a non-profit association established in December 1987 within the companies belonging to the Confindustria system to jointly manage programs and supplementary forms of health care.

Reliability, professionalism and integrity of Previdir, combined with the high number of loyal members over the years, have allowed the Fund to obtain from the most important Insurance Companies the best performance for its Members and a variety of programs to meet the different needs of each category of workers.

Companies belonging to Confindustria, associations of Confindustria and other similar legal entities deemed suitable by the Board of Directors can join Previdir.

The associated companies forming part of Previdir Fund are over 2,600 and the number of the Associated to whom assistance has been guaranteed exceed 65,000 insureds.

Over the years, the fund has been committed to the design, implementation and management of exclusive welfare services and Company Welfare services, in compliance, where existing and applicable, with current laws and in compliance with Regulations, Collective Labor Agreements or Business Agreements.

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More than 2.600 Companies with over 65.000 Members form part of the Previdir Fund

Previdir’s solutions for companies and individuals

Supplementary Health Care

The Program provides for the reimbursement of medical expenses, both private and public, in Italy and abroad.

Influenza Syndrome of Pandemic Origin

This Plan regard a type of general diffusion on an international bases and does not only include COVID 19, but all similar syndromes (SARS, MERS).

Individual and Group Accidents

The Accident program aims to ensure the settlement of compensation to the insured associate or their legal heirs.

Executive CNLC Accidents

The Accident program dedicated only to Executives who belong to the Collective National Labor Contract for Commercial companies.

Permanent Disability following Illness

The IPM program guarantees the member the indennification of a lump sum in due to an illness, or increased working capacity.

Group and Individual Life Insurance

The Life program aims to ensure the indennification of the amount insured to the associated or his heirs.

Long Term Care

The “Long Term Care” is a program that guarantees the Member the payment of a periodic annuity to cover the cost of the necessary health services.

Missions abroad

Solutions that allow you to have suitable coverage for the reimbursement of medical expenses, bodily injuries and assistance for associated and expatriates travelling abroad.


A set of benefits and services dedicated to the corporate population to include for example the reimbursement of medical expenses, assistance, cinema, travel and much more.

Previdir’s numbers

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