In today’s world where our everyday life style seems suspended in air


maintains their support for Companies, whether they are associated or not, by dedicating to their employees and family Welfare Plans which, in the event of a contagious virus or mandatory quarantine, can represent additional economic support to face the first financial difficulties.


have already joined the Previdir Pandemic Flu Syndromes Plan.

PREVIDIR operates in full solidarity with the employer and renounces the payment of membership fees

because now, more than ever, the focus needs to adressed to the protection of your employees.

Our little big success story, combined with everyone’s effort, will be the start of a new beginning!

This Plan regards a type of flu pandemic on an international scale, regardless of the WHO World Health Organization  declaration. The proposal includes not only casesuch as COVID 19, but all similar syndromes (SARS, MERS, etc …) and any future similar future cases.

Companies ALREADY ASSOCIATED with the Fund and ENROLLED in the “Supplementary Health Care” Program

  • can join without any numerical limit of membership
  • the coverage is granted only on a group basis  (no individual  memberships)
  • FAMILIES are admitted, only if they are already enrolled in the current Healthcare Program
  • The guarantee is ADDITIONAL to any indemnity / reimbursement / indemnity or compensation already provided for by the current Health Plans
  • The maximum age limit for extending coverage is 75

Companies NOT ASSOCIATED with the Fund or associated but NON ENROLLED in the “Supplementary Health Care” Program

  • Only companies with a minimum of 10 employees can also join the program.
  • Coverage is granted only on a group basis  (no individual  memberships).
  • Age requisites for coverage limit participation to employees from the age of 21 to 65.

To find out about the premiums and the summary of the coverage, Companies already associated can contact the Fund directly as follows:

Summary of the Plan

  • Policyholders: Executives / Employees / Directors / Partners of the Company
  • Territorial extension: Italian Residents
  • Shortage: none

Limits of coverage:

  • A daily indemnity in the case of hospitalization (with / without surgery) at a public Italian hospital for the assessment and treatment of diseases resulting from Pandemic Influenza Syndromes; post-intensive care; a convalescence indemnity, defined as a one-off payment upon discharge.
  • Additional Coverage 1): provision of a one-off indemnity to cover expenses incurred resulting from  hospitalization  or home quarantine ordered by the competent Italian Health Authorities Accessory Coverage
  • Additional Coverage 2): highly specialized telephone Medical Consultancy services are availabe for issues relating to Pandemic Influenza Syndrome ATTENTION: NO LONGER AVAILABLE FROM 01 APRIL 2020

PREVIDIR provides a concrete response to the growing needs related to the periodic spread of pandemic influenza syndromes also for the year 2021. In collaboration with Intesa Sanpaolo RBM Salute has revised the new Health Plan, which can be activated “at first risk” or “as a supplementary coverage ” to existing Health Plans.

Coverage is divided into 2 modules:

  • Indemnity coverage (basic) which can also be implemented on a “stand alone” basis
  • Additional coverage that can be activated in conjunction with the base module

Indemnity coverage (main):

  • Payment of a daily allowance in the event of hospitalization (with / without surgery) at:
    • Italian public Hospitals
    • Accredited or affiliated medical centers operating in con junction with Italian public hospitals
    • Specific medical centers authorized by government ordinances (e.g. private, military and field hospitals)

for the assessment or treatment of diseases resulting from pandemic influenza syndromes.

This indemnity is not available if emergency room services are not  followed by hospitalization in the same medical center.

  • Payment of a one-off indemnity for convalescence following hospitalization in intensive care, for the treatment of pathologies resulting from pandemic influenza syndromes, is available, if carried out at:
    • Italian public hospitals
    • Accredited or affiliated medical centers operating in conjunction with Italian public hospitals
    • Specific medical centers  authorized by government ordinances (e.g. private, military and field hospitals)

Convalescence must be specifically indicated in the medical charts at the time of hospital discharge.

How to join the Fund