From May 2020 until July, barring any extensions, Previdir has formulated a new product dedicated exclusively to employees and employees of the associated companies, to make immediate financial resources available to family members in case of their pre-nutrition.

The coverage provides for the provision of a capital automatically doubled in the presence of minor children, with the advantage of a cost to the Employer in operation only of the insured capital, regardless of the age of the employee and without any anamnestic questionnaire, favoring the realization of a real corporate welfare that:

  • fill the void of the public pension system
  • gives the employee a greater sense of security and psychological tranquility
  • it distinguishes the employer as the one who really cares about the protection of his employees.

In the case of the employee's pre-warning as a result of illness or injury (including consequences from COVID19 and any other pandemic flu), it is planned:

  • liquidation of insured capital
  • the liquidation of twice the insured capital in the presence of minor children

Note. Settlement is tax-free and is excluded from the inheritance axis

  • Recipients

The program is dedicated to all employees (non-executives), including:

  • CO.CO.CO. and related, interns, temporary employees, administrations, staffing workers, Iva matches with unique relationship with the company, cedolino directors, cedolino members;
  • foreign employees (domiciled in Italy) of Italian offices in Italy;
  • Italian employees of Italian companies abroad: covered if the number of such employees is less than 5% of the total employees of the company.
  • Health Plan structure and costs

Choose from the following capitals:

Capital Insured 

Annual Per capita premium







The choice of capital must be unique for the entire insured category.

In the case of new inclusions during the year, the prize will be counted pro-instalment, on a 360-day basis. For any exclusions, there will be a refund for the part of the premium paid and not enjoyed.

The above premiums will have to be added a membership fee of 1.00 euros per person (fixed).


  • 67 years old


  • Legitimate heirs and/or wills
  • Recruitment modes and limitations

  • Membership must be extended to the whole of the homogeneous category.
  • Voluntary membership is not allowed.
  • No restrictions on the business and nature of the company, except for the health sector and the Armed Forces and Law Enforcement forces in general.
  • A "fit for work" formulation is planned, which provides for the coverage of all employees, without any health check or statement from the company.
  • The guarantee will be active with immediate effect for all employees (even on leave or on leave) as long as, at the time of the coverage, they are not sick.

Who should be sick on the date of the coverage:

  • In the event of a confirmed diagnosis of Covid19 (positive buffer) will enter coverage after successful recovery
  • in all other cases, from day one, certificate of conclusion of the same

For information and how to join, you can contact the Previdir Support Fund at the following contact details:

  • 06.2295693

  • Laura Iamotti 348.5450371