Previdir, in collaboration with ELIPSLIFE, after having offered products and services to our members for our Life program (Life insurance with or without Total Permanent Disability), has developed a program specifically designed to ensure the serenity of the entire family. In the event of a serious event, often individual suffer heavy financial consequences. Indirect pensions are insufficient to compensate the gap between the income received before the severe event (i.e  death) and actual amounts paid to the families who are forced to accept inadequate financial  support, especially when involving a family with new born or school age children.

In the event that an employee’s premature death following an illness or injury (including the consequences of COVID 19 and any other pandemic influenza), most likely the family will address the following matters:

  • receipt of the indemnity payment of the amount insured, exempt from inheritance taxes and excluded from the estate, in order to maintain the economic stability of family members and the ownership of  their assets;
  • the settlement of the doubling of the amounts indured, in the event of the death of the client with one or more minor children who are fiscally dependent.
  • Legal heirs and Beneficiaries

Membership is not available on an individual basis, but is extended to all of the following categories:

  • Officials, middle management, white collar employees, blue-collar employees and similar (collaborators and similar; interns, temporary collaborators, administrators, leased contract employees if their employment contract has at least a valid 12 month period; VAT numbers with univocal relationship with the company, administrators with coupons, shareholders with coupons).

Executives, Board members and Holders are also admitted where the program insures ALL Employees.

Coverage can be implemented for all employees from age 18 to 67.

The Beneficiaries are the legal heirs but, in the absence of a last will and testament, amounts payable between beneficiaries and legal heirs shall  receive financial payments in equal parts.

  • Amounts insured and relative costs

Previdir offers the possibility of choosing between 3 different amounts insured, to be understood as unique for each category of insureds:

Amount insured Annual per capita contribution

(inclusive of membership fee of € 1)

€ 10.000,00 € 17,20
€ 30.000,00 € 49,60
€ 50.000,00 € 82,00

In the event that new participants join the plan, during the year, the premium will be calculated pro-rata, on a 360-day basis. For any exclusions, reimbursement is provided for the portion of the unearned  premium.

The expiry date of coverage is always 1 January, of each calendar year irregardless of the date of activation of membership.

  • Exclusions

The following categories of employees are excluded:

  • Sports teams;
  • Armed forces, law enforcement agencies and prison staff;
  • Medical and paramedical staff;
  • Artists and circus performers;
  • Seasonal workers;
  • Divers;
  • Assisted persons with habitual domicile outside the Italian territory are not admitted
  • Subscription and enrollment procedures

In the event coverage is requested for more then 20 individuals: preventive health checks-ups are not required.

In the event coverage is requested for less than 20 individuals: coverage can only be activated for employees who, on the date of their enrollment, are actively working with the employer.

To confirm your membership:

  • for memberships of over 20 employees:
    • completion of the forms indicated above;
    • indicating all requested information on the personal data form and send it back in the requested excel format (please do not make changes to the columns)
  • specify the requested amounts insured
  • attach a declaration at the time of requesting membership which states that all employees of the requested category of insurance are included therein to be issued on the company’s letterhead.
  • the application for enrollment needs to also include  a copy of the company’s recent Chamber of Commerce Certificate (to have been issued in the last  six months).