The Previdir  “LTC  “Long Term Care program offers  the insured individual who has suffered an injury or illness whereby they are no longer self sufficient, a periodic revalutable pension so as to meet financials required for social and health care benefits which are required by the insured individual.

Non “self sufficiency “ may be  defined, whether total or partial, on a permanent basis, when  the policy holder  is incapable to continue daily living activities in an independent manner. These common independent activities include some basic functions of daily life such as:

  • dressing
  • feeding
  • personal hygene
  • mobility
  • cognitive impairment

Previdir has developed 2 different Programs:

  • Collective Long Term Care with compulsory membership

  • Beneficiaries

The lifetime LTC program offers reserved benefits indiscriminately  for all categotries of employees:

  • Executives
  • Middle Management
  • White Collars Employees
  • Blue Collars Employees

and also to:

  • Entrepreneurs, Legal Representatives, Directors, Board Members, Auditors, Contractors, Holders