In the absence of a National Labor agreement regarding these categories of employees, many employers may choose the option of insuring these categories of employees through a corporate agreement , extending these benefits to include occupational risks and extra professional accidents, as they offer these type of benefits also to their Executives.

When extending benefits to these categories of employees, the employer may take advantage of the same tax and fiscal contribution benefits he has available, negotiated for the other category of employees.

In order to enable each employer to exercise the most strategic choice in terms of employee benefits, in conjunction with the economic and financial advantages of the Fund, options for insurance solutions may be chosen as:

Amounts insured may vary according to homogeneous categories of employees, as well as the amount , if requested , for the daily indemnity following hospitalization.

  • Fiscal and Tax Contribution aspects

Insurance coverage regarding occupational risks, is not an employee benefit to the employee, as they provide the owner with the risk cover, therefore, it must be considered relevant to the organizational activities of the employer.  The tax aspects of this coverage are tax deductible for the employer, and is not to be considered taxable income for the employee.