From the early stages of the COVID-19 emergency


it has been activated to make available to the associated companies, tools aimed at mitigating the economic consequences of the epidemic and responding to the new needs of their caregivers.

With this in mind, in addition to the Pandemic Influenza Syndrome Programme, it has developed a new Integrative Health Plan of the "Pandemic Protection" line to respond to the growing demand for solutions that can facilitate a faster and more accurate analysis of coVID-19 negativity/positivity states.

In order to be able to restart production activities and to be able to allow the gradual restoration of ordinary living conditions, it is advisable to ascertain the actual health of people in advance in order to prevent the risks associated with a restart of the contagion and ensure a "Safe Return" in the Company.

 The Safe Return Health Plan, implemented in collaboration with

and with the involvement of Primary Medical and Pharmaceutical Operators participating in the network of healthcare facilities, provides for gradual access to the diagnostic protocols supported by the results reported for each policyholder.

Previdir strengthens its commitment to solidarity by renouncing the payment of membership fees.

Further help, at a particularly complex time, to those who deserve support and guarantees for their health.

  • Structure of the health plan

All benefits covered by the Safe Return Integrative Health Plan will be provided in addition to any allowance/reimbursement/compensation or prevention/control protocol already insured by any other health plan, even if provided for the same insured cases.

  • Insurable people

The Safe Return Health Plan is open for all employees, Directors, Members residing in Italy or cross-border residents abroad, but domiciled at the company based in Italy. 

It is also possible to include temporary, collaborators, Freelancers who lend their activity within the company, only if already insured with an RSM or similar plan of Previdir.

Family members are not insurable.

Maximum age of membership:

  • 75 years for companies already enrolled in an RSM or similar plan
  • 65 years and stay 70 years companies not already enrolled in Previdir
  • Minimum membership number: no less than 10
  • Subscription rules and exclusions

There is no subscription of the Health Questionnaire.

Coverage is immediately operational, without any shortage.

They are not insurable: OSA and OSS operators; medical, paramedic and nursing staff; healthcare professionals and pharmacy employees; law enforcement personnel; members of the Civil Protection or persons connected to it.

  • Operation and duration of coverage

Performing the basic plan's health benefits requires prior planning with RBM Health Insurance on how and when tests are administered at company locations/jointly identified sample collection centers.

In the absence of the minimum number of employees, the delivery of the service will be carried out at laboratories and analysis centers specially selected for the management of the initiative.

The activation of the Home Collection service is reserved for selected groups of people residing in homogeneous geographical areas and requires in any case a prior feasibility check by RBM Health Insurance.

  • Starting: 01/05/2020
  • Deadline: 12/31/2020


Using a rapid detection kit for the SARS-CoV-2IgG/M (immunofluorescence chromatography) antibody, which ensures accurate screening of suspicious cases and to verify healed patients who have developed antibodies.

Two options:

  • Option 1: No.1 Test Per Capita
  • Option 2: No.1 Test Pro Capite – No.1 Test check for "positives"


A) Flexibility of use

  • Guarantee of use directly at management centers and/or medium/large business locations.
  • In the absence of a minimum number of policyholders, the service will be delivered at selected laboratories and analysis centers for the Specific Reference Province.
  • Ability to activate the Home Pickup Service

B) Ease of use

  • AFS-1000 immunofluorescence analyzer: 10 seconds to read the test card and print the result.
  • The result of the analysis available in a maximum of 8 minutes.

C) High reliability in basic clustering of people between negative and positive

  • igM and IgG analysis with single withdrawal
  • Accuracy of 99% negative samples
  • Accuracy between 93% and 95% positive samples

D) Clinical claims and adotions

  • Certifications CE and the international bodies CDC AND T-V S-S.
  • Validation certificate of the Spallanzani Hospital in Rome and the University of Rome Tor Vergata.
  • Use by the NHS of the Lazio region

Module A.1) Serological tests allow a generalised screening of the entire audience of policyholders quickly in order to accurately identify the 'negatives' at CoviD19.

A report will be made available for the 'positives' to support the request to carry out the tampon at the NHS.


(rates may vary)

  • Option 1: .44.40
  • Option 2: .77.80

"N.B. These rates do not include the costs of providing the Home Pickup Service which will be quoted only on request

For those who do not already have health coverage through Previdir/RBM, the plan plan must be matched to the Additional Plan – Form A.2.

(The following plan should be mandatory for those who do not already have health coverage through Previdir/RBM)


If, as a result of the Sarlogical Test provided by Form A.1, the caregiver is tested positive for COVID19, a one-time lump-in allowance of 250.00 euros will be paid by the Company to ensure a contribution for the caregiver's health, care and pharmacological expenses.

If you activate Option 2 of Module A.2, the amount of the allowance is increased by 100.00 if the second Serological Control Test is also positive.

Two options:

  • Option 1: 1st Positive Serological Test – One-Time Allowance – 250
  • Option 2 : 1st Positive Serological Test – one-off allowance of 250; 2nd Positive Serological Test – 100 one-off allowances

Note. Health benefits can be carried out by 12/31/2020 – for Form A.2), provided for the ordinary two-year prescription

PRO-CAPITE A.2- – additional

"N.B. Enabling Option 2 of Module A.2) requires contextual activation of Option 2 of Module A.1)

(rates may vary)

  • Option 1: .16.70
  • Option 2: .22.20 

For information, you can contact the Previdir Support Fund at the following delivery:

  • Laura Iamotti 348.5450371