The Previdir program provides blue collar staff the following insurance plans, which offer the insureds  beneficial characteristics both contractually and economically.

  • Supplementary Health Care

The supplementary health care program offered by PREVIDIR provides a number of options for these employees modulated as per individual needs, extending coverage to also include family members of the same household.


  • One single cost for the entire family, as recognized by the contract fund
  • Options without age limits
  • Non cancellation options, following claim
  • Coverage includes diseases manifested as a direct consequence of pathological situations which have aerisen before the date registration date of the fund
  • Individual and Group Accidents

Insurance offered under this plan includes the following events: professional and extra professional risks, travel exposure (24 hour coverage).  This plan also includes indemnity payments for:

  • death
  • permanent disability
  • health care costs following accident


  • no permanent disability deductible for compensation when the disability is greater than 3%
  • 100% compensation if disability exceeds 60%
  • options for an increased amount insured; up to € 2.500.000 for accidents /events resulting in Death or Permanent Disability
  • reimbursement of health care costs following accident € 10.000
  • max age limit: 80
  • Group and Individual Life insurance

The average pensions provided by  Italian state institutions  is never sufficient to compensate the insured for the consequences of severe and unforseen events (such as death or permanent disability of the employee) resulting in  direct financial implications for their family members. Those options offered by the Previdir fund propose valid options to resolve these gaps through innovative market conditions.


  • no health records are required for amounts insured up to € 300.000
  • options to increase the amount insured to € 1.000.000

Previdr has also developed the TCM “Family protection” Program, at low costs and regardless of age.

  • Long Term Care

The Previdir Long Term Care program is directed to ensure the insureds who are “not self sufficient“ a definitive periodic pension to meet the social welfare and health care benefits required to continue in maintaining their level of standard living.


  • the possibility to deduct the contributions for the insureds, to be included up to a maximum limit of € 3.615,50
  • waiting period: 90 days
  • Missions abroad

Previdir allows Blue Collar Employees who make professional trips abroad to benefit from a solution capable of protecting their movements beyond national borders, thanks to specific coverage for the reimbursement of medical expenses, accidents and assistance.


  • Reimbursement of medical expenses up to € 2.000.000 per year
  • Free choice of health facility
  • Free medical advice
  • Liability towards third parties
  • Legal assistance
  • Welfare

The term Corporate Welfare refers to all contractual or one-sided initiatives by the employer aimed at increasing the well-being of the worker and his family through a different distribution of pay, which may consist either in refund benefits or in the direct provision of services, or in a mix of the two solutions.


  • Optimizing the tax benefit for the company, according to the current regulations and, in particular, by articles 51 and 100 TUIR
  • Increased purchasing power for the employee: taxed and decontributed benefits but also discounts, promotions, conventions, goods and services with exclusive conditions
  • Increased corporate well-being: improved business climate, decreased turnover and absenteeism, increased attraction and retention for the company.