The PREVIDIR program provides holders, contributors, board members the following insurance plans, which offer the insureds beneficial characteristics both contractually and economically.

  • Supplementary Health Care

The supplementary health care program offered by PREVIDIR provides a number of options for these insureds modulated as per individual needs, extending coverage to also include family members of the same household.


  • one single cost for the entire family, as recognized by the contract fund
  • options without age limits
  • non cancellation options, following claim
  • coverage includes diseases manifested as a direct consequence of pathological situations which have aerisen before the date registration date of the fund
  • Individual and Group Accidents

Insurance offered under this plan includes the following events: professional and extra professional risks, travel exposure (24 hour coverage) following personal accident. This plan also includes indemnity payments for:

  • death
  • permanent disability
  • health care costs following accident


  • No permanent disability deductible
  • Reimbursement of health care costs following accident € 10.000
  • Max age limit: 80
  • Permanent Disability following Illness

The options offered under this PREVIDIR program permit the insured to affront serious disability matters, providing the option to liquidate the amount insured, if due to an illness or a definitive loss of the ability to carry on their normal “day to day“ activities, regardless of their profession.


  • no medical questionnaires required
  • no waiting period; immediate coverage
  • maximum amount insured € 1.032.913,80
  • Group and Individual Life insurance

For the Directors, Members, Legal Representatives, Entrepeneurs, this plan offers a valuable benefit for both the insured and the policy holder.

These insureds can access financial and contractual terms and conditions similar to those of employees, with an amount insured of up to € 300.000 (for both cases of death and permanent disability), without medical documentation.

In addition to these additional extensions of insured categories, PREVIDIR has also included an option for KEY MAN insurance Key Man.


The most important valuable assets of any employer are their human resources, whereby sometimes someone stands out , individually or collectively, regarding the roles and responmsabilities they occupy for their employer. These employees , and the job responsabilities they occupy at their job, are considered “KEY MAN“, and insurance for these individuals are entitled KEY MAN insurance. Given this most important role of these individuals, PREVIDIR has identified a specific insurance product for these Individuals, offering an option for an amount insured up to € 3.000.000.

In addition, for those individuals previously insured for an amount insured up to € 1.500.000 and are not older than 55 years of age, there is no underwriting required.

Such a program provides the following options:

  • for amounts insured up to € 300.000 no medical records required
  • for amounts insured exceeding € 300.000 up to € 350.000, a medical anamnestic questionnaire is required
  • for amounts insured exceeding € 350.000 and up to € 750.000 the following medical documentation is required: HbA1c, CRP, uric acid, cholesterol, triglycerides, AST, ALT, gamma – GT, creatine, complete blood tests, HIV, Cotinine (non smoking test)
  • for amounts insured in excess of € 750.000 up to € 3.000.000 in addition to the above this additional Medical information is required : hepatisis, (HBeAG and Anti Hcv), ECG (for insureds over 50 years of age) Financial questionnaire.


  • independent options for coverage: Life coverage (stand alone), Total Permanent Disability, or both coverages
  • amounts insured up to € 300.000 with no medical documentation
  • option to increase amounts insured up to € 3.000.000

Previdr has also developed the TCM “Family protection” Program, at low costs and regardless of age.

  • Long Term Care

The PREVIDIR Long Term Care program is directed to ensure the insureds who are “not self sufficient“ a definitive periodic pension to meet the social welfare and health care benefits required to continue in maintaining their level of standard living.


  • waiting period: 90 days
  • the possibility to deduct the contributions for the insureds, to be included up to a maximum limit of € 3.615,50