Companies who want to offer this category of employees suplementary health care insurance have the following options to choose from.

These are the most popular options which are ususlly chosen by the employer :

  • options F and F3 ( reserved for single individuals ) which guarantees hospitalization reimbursement, diagnostic testing anddental costs
  • options F2 and F4 ( rserved for single individuals ) and H, extend coverage over the above services to include specialist medical visits, home care, diagnostic testing, lab anaylsis, conservative dental care

PREVIDIR also offers a number of additional options for those enmployers who have over 100 employees.

There are also formulas for employees where the National Labor Contract CCNL offers some benefits . These fund may be: FONDO EST, FASA, METASALUTE or others, as an example. These labor contract agreements may be adopted for “first dollar care”, if used on a stand alone basis, or if a solution through PREVIDIR is adopted with them , the latter may offer supplemantary coverage over the benefits offered through the individual type of labor contract involved ( CCNL ).

In addition, it offers the possibility to extend the plan to the household family members, whether fiscally dependent ot not. For additional information ; please contact

When granting these benefits to employees, it is advisable to take advantage of the appropriate regulation directive ( unilateral employer’s act ) or company agreement provided for under article 51, 2nd paragraph,  (a) of the Italian DPR issued on 22/12/ 1986 n, 917 ( TUIR ) known as the Italian Tax Directive , allowing for the tax deductibility up to a maximum limit of EURO 3,615.20

  • Non domicilied family members

Insureds participating in these programs huave the option to include their nion resident dependent family members in this supplementary medical program , when choosing one of these options described in the relative prospectus.

  • Increased hospitalization amounts insured: € 5.000.000

When an insured is interested in increasing these amounts insured for hospitalization, the request may only be presented at the beginning of the enrollment period. It is also possible to extend this limit to family members who are not dependent only if the principal member is to benefit Compensation for the share of the excess expenditure over the primary choice for coverage shall always be made in a refund, after having exceeded the limits of the first option for limits of coverage chosen by the insured.

  • Service reimbursements for health benefits in extra insurance form

Direct reimbursements managed by PREVIDIR for the following services may be activated at the beginning of each insurance period:

  • medication / pharma costs, fisiotherapy, lens, eyeglasses, specialist visits, dental care; hospitalization

This option is binding for the entire policy period.

Alternative solutions / options with different limits can be evaluated on an individual basis , when regulated by an employer’s Corporate contract, agreement, regulation. These limits , which can be combined and cancel any edecuctibles and / or overdrafts can be activated at the request of the policy holder and shall require an up front payment to be paid to the fund within three months of the renewal or first registration date to which a contributuion for management must be included.

By April, after having received the payment for the requested modifications, PREVIDIR shall make adjustments at the company level equal to the differencebetween what is anticipated and what has actually been paid, within the limits of the chosen limits of coverage, having deducted the contribution for the relative operating expenses.