Companies who want to offer these categories of individuals suplementary health care insurance have three options to choose from , each one offering different costs, terms and conditions.

The option chosen should apply to all of the collegiate bodies such as the Board of Directors, and the board of statutary auditors.

It is possible to make individual choices only in certain cases whereby the individual in question has alrerady been enrolled in a supplementary healthcare plan ( as a former executive enrolled in a program such as FASI, FASDAC, or equivalent ).

  • Waiting period

After the first registration , no questionnaires are required and any pre existing conditions are included under the plan.

In addition, we draw your attention to the following:

  • medical, home or outpatient care not resulting from an accident is not covered for the first 30 days following enrollment
  • hospitalization , not resulting from an accidenti s not covered for the first 60 days following enrollment
  • coverage regarding pregnancy and childbirth are not covered for mthe first 300 days following enrollment

If , in the event registration in the PREVIDIR fund is not renewed , reinstatement requirements request the completion and presentation o the appropriate amnestic questionnaire concerning ALL family household members for whom coverage has been requested.

  • Non domicilied family members

Insureds participating in these programs have the option to include their nion resident dependent family members in this supplementary medical program , when choosing one of the 9 options described in the relative prospectus.

  • Increased hospitalization amounts insured: € 5.000.000

When an insured is interested in increasing these amounts insured for hospitalization, the request may only be presented at the beginning of the enrollment period. It is also possible to extend this limit to family members who are not dependent only if the principal member is to benefit

Compensation for the share of the excess expenditure over the primary choice for coverage shall always be made in a refund, after having exceeded the limits of the first option for limits of coverage chosen by the insured .

  • Program contributions: fiscal and tax implications

The tax regime regarding contributions paid by companies to Assistance / Provident and Relief Funds for Directors, Mayors, Auditors, and other parties holders of collaboration ; in order to ensure supplementary health care benefits:

  • Opinion issued by the Revenue Agency following a request from Previdir AssistanceFund
  • Service reimbursements for health benefits in extra insurance form

Direct reimbursements managed by PREVIDIR for the following services may be activated at the beginning of each insurance period:

  • medication / pharma costs, fisiotherapy, lens, eyeglasses, specialist visits, dental care ; hospitalization

This option is binding for the entire policy period .

Alternative solutions / options with different limits can be evaluated on an individual basis , when regulated by an employer’s Corporate contract, agreement, regulation. These limits , which can be combined and cancel any edecuctibles and / or overdrafts can be activated at the request of the policy holder and shall require an up front payment to be paid to the fund within three months of the renewal or first registration date to which a contributuion for management must be included.

By April, after having received the payment for the requested modifications, PREVIDIR shall make adjustments at the company level equal to the differencebetween what is anticipated and what has actually been paid, within the limits of the chosen limits of coverage, having deducted the contribution for the relative operating expenses.