The Supplementary Health care plan offered by PREVIDIR provides seven different options, offering a series of options to maximize benefits with costs.

In accordance with the above, the Executive has the right to access all of the  options provided for by the fund, adopting the same conditions offered for all of the Executives of the employer.

When choosing the insurable option for the Executive, attention should be addressed to the regulation (employer/ employee internal labor agreement) so that the tax advanteges may benefit all parties ; as indicated in article 51, second paragraph, letter (a) of the D.P.R. dated 22/12/1986 , n. 917 of the TUIR “Testo Unico imposte sul Reddito”, with a maximum deductibility od EURO 3,615.20.

  • Non dependent family members or non supplementary Healthcare insurance in excess of funds such as Fasi, Fasdac or similar

The executives who have enrolled  in any of these options for supplementary health care insurance may also include non dependent family members who are not covered under the FASI, FASDAC or similar cassa funds, by choosing one of those specific options indicated in the prospectus.

  • Increased hospitalization amounts insured: € 5.000.000

When an insured is interested in increasing these amounts insured for hospitalization, the request may only be presented at the beginning of the enrollment period. It is also possible to extend this limit to family members who are  not dependent only if the principal member is to benefit.

Compensation shall always be made after exceeding the ceiling relative expenditure confirming the excess amount to be paid by The Previdir fund.

  • Direct Healthcare reimbursements outside of the insurace plan

Direct reimbursements managed by PREVIDIR may operate for the following expenditures, which need to be requiested and activated  at the time of enrollment:

  • pharmaceutical medication, physiotherapy, eyeglasses, lens, specialist medical visits, dental care, hospitalization

When chosen, this option is valid for the policy period.

Alternative solutions may be adopted with different maximum expenditures  as regulated by the  employer’s Corporate agreements and regulations. These limits can be combined and may be used to eliminate any deductibles or overdrafts can be actiovated at the time of enrollment. When requested, up front payments shall be paid to the Fund within three months of the renewal or at the first date of registration, to which a management contribution to the cost must be included.

By April of the year following the maximum expenditure payment period, Previdir will make adjustments at the Corporate level, equal to the difference between the amount paid in advance, and the actual amount settled for Payment, within the chosen limits of the ceilings chosen, less the contribution for operating expenses.

  • Customization

For those employers who have a certain number of Executives, Previdir offers the option to choose a custom designed program with options appropriate to meet specific employee needs.