The support services provided for by PREVIMEDICAL are as follows:


If due to injury or illness, the Patient needs medical advice, he can contact the Operations Center 24 hours a day, every day, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays included. The methods of medical advice differ according to the request:

Telephone medical information and guidance: when the Patient needs generic medical-health advice or information to find doctors and specialist structures on the national and international territory, the Operations Center provides an expert for immediate telephone consultation and health information on drugs ( composition, indications and contraindications), preparation for diagnostic tests, prophylaxis in anticipation of travel abroad. If, after the consultation, the Patient needs a specialist visit, the Operations Center indicates the name of a specialist doctor in the place closest to the location of the Patient. The service does not provide diagnoses or prescriptions.

Highly specialized telephone health consultancy: when, due to injury or illness that may require particularly complex interventions, the Patient needs information on highly specialized health centers in Italy and in the world, the Operations Center makes its medical team available to provide the necessary information; if necessary, the medical team informs the Client of specialist doctors or centers for the diagnosis and treatment of rare or particular pathologies; the medical team remains available to facilitate contacts between the patient and the center in question, also for any communication and language problems. For a more in-depth assessment of the patient’s health conditions and possibly identifying the most appropriate structures, the doctors of the Operations Center can ask the Patient for the clinical documentation.

Medical-specialist telephone consultancy: when the Patient needs medical-specialist telephone consultancy, the Operations Center can place a team of specialists at his disposal with whom he can speak directly to receive information of primary necessity. The service does not provide diagnoses or prescriptions.


If, due to injury or illness, the Patient needs to be transported by ambulance or medical car from their home to a health care institution or hospital (or vice versa) or from one health care institution to another, they can request that, as part of the guarantees hospitalizations, transport is carried out directly, and therefore managed by the Operations Centre. In this case, Intesa Sanpaolo RBM Salute guarantees payment of transport costs up to 300 km of the total journey (round trip). In the event of an accident or sudden illness, the guarantee also applies only to the return home, if the Patient is at least 50 km from the same. Transportation for ongoing therapies is not covered.


After providing the Operations Center with the clinical documentation in its possession, the Patient can receive a second medical opinion from the best specialist structures and centers of excellence in Italy and abroad, complementary to a previous medical evaluation.


Through the reserved area of ​​the site, with the access credentials, the patient can pre-activate the services in direct assistance or send requests for reimbursement.

  • CARDIOVASCULAR PREVENTION PACKAGE (extended to all family members)
  • ONCOLOGICAL PREVENTION (for the core manager only)