The support services provided for by PREVIMEDICAL are as follows :

  • Tutoring: professional qualified support staff to assist in the proper identification  of the correct therapeutic advice
  • Medical advice: 24 hour call center support for medical phone consultation regarding public and private  medical facilities , prescriptive medicine , preparation for diagnostic examinations, prophylaxis, to be performed before travel abroad
  • Second Opinion: the option to consult another physician or medical organization for comparing a first diagnosis with a second Opinion
  • Home Care: a network of over 2,000 medical professionals , to include specialists, physiotherapists, nurses, social welfare workers, emergency health care services, to include cases of imposed immobility of the caregiver
  • Preventive health care programs and Medical check-ups: offering precautionary  medical services to the insured
  • Permanent medical guard: telephone medical consultation for general medical / health advise or information in identifying Physicians, medical facilities or doctors
  • Emergency travel assistance: Ambulance services available upon request
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