The Previdir Provident and Relief Fund is a non profit association established in December 1987 as part of the companies forming part of Confindustria.

Enlistment in a Health Care Program through PREVIDIR offers the insured a series of benefits regarding social security and fiscal tax aspects. .


  • Executives, Middle managers, white and blue collar employees, when insured as a homogeneous category;
  • Holders, Entrepreneurs and/or Legal Representatives , Board Members, Trade Union syndicates, etc…
  • Entrepreneurs as volontary contributors;
  • Retirees;

Associated with:

  • All categories of Companies, corporate, co-ops, individual firms, individual members of associations and federations;
  • Associations and Federations, to include their representatives;
  • Associations, funds, and  funds for the management of supplementary pension plans and any type of assistance, including Mutual Aid Societies;
  • Public bodies in general;
  • Professional free lance employees both collectively and individually.

The Previdir Provident and Relief Fund has been involved in the design, implementation and management of their products and services for its associates for over 30 years, operating on their behalf to obtain competitive market conditions. These services and products reflect corporate welfare aspects always follow the rules and regulations of the Collective National Labor Contract.

Since its inception, Previdir has evolved to a new level of service that includes a large number of Members and associated companies. Previdir  has demonstrated a strong ability to keep up with the times, always engaged in the continuous search for quality insurance tools and products so as to be actively responsive to the  needs emerging from the continuous social and economic market conditions. This enables the products and services to guarantee undisputed levels of welfare plans.

The real challenge is to reach the goals and objectives that Previdir offers its associates in guaranteeing an excellent continious service to each and every Associate in the program.

The options provided for by the fund, both as supplemental coverage and “ground up“ coverage  have been defined with specialized health care Operators and specialized insurance companies to include such products as:

There are already 2,500 companies associated with the Fund, with more than 63,000 assisted.