In the event of a claim, within 3 days of the event occurring, contact the Service Operations Centre:

IMA ITALIA Assistance
Piazza Indro Montanelli, 20
20099 Sixth St. John (MI)


  • from abroad: 39.02.27095.997
  • Toll-free from Italy: 800.189.094
  • fax: .39.02.27095.447

At the time of the request, the policyholder must provide the following information:

  • first and last name;
  • personal delivery, the place from which it is called;
  • policy number

The policyholder must follow the instructions received by the Operations Centre.

All expenses will be reimbursed only if authorized, approved and coordinated by the Service Operations Centre.

In the event that the Policyholder must necessarily be hospitalized as a result of Accident or Illness that occurred while traveling outside his country of residence and insured with this policy, the Company will make available the maximum amount of 155,000.00 euros with a deductible of 125.00 euros for each claim.
When necessary, the Operations Centre, on behalf of the Company, will directly take care of the hospitalization costs for the care and actions indicated by the doctor assisting the inpatient.

The medical expenses covered are:

  • hospital stay fees;
  • expenses for the first prosthesis, excluding dentures;
  • use of the operating room;
  • surgical operations;
  • diagnostic tests;
  • prescriptions of medicines necessary for the best course.

Any additional medical expenses relating to the event initially treated during the insured trip will be directly or indirectly incurred by the Company in the 30 days following the return of the policyholder in Italy or in his country of residence up to the maximum competition of an additional 15,000.00.