The Previdir Assistance Fund is a non-profit association established in December 1987 as part of the companies participating in the Confindustria system.

Previdir's registration in the Health Funds Registry allows a number of social security and tax benefits, both for Associates and beneficiaries.


  • managers, managers, employees and workers from homogeneous categories
  •  members, holders and/or legal representatives as well as members of boards of directors and trade union colleges (or other social bodies
  • holders of collaboration relationships
  • pension holders and retirees volunteer contributors

Associated with:

  • all categories of Companies, in corporate, cooperative or individual form members or non-members of representative associations or federations;
  • Associations and Federations representative of the Companies mentioned in the previous point
  • Associations or Foundations generally including those belonging to the Third Sector;
  • Associations, Funds or Funds for the management of supplementary pension plans and any form of assistance, including Mutual Relief Societies;
  • Public bodies in general;
  • Professional studies and other forms of aggregation of freelancers or self-employed people.

The Previdir Assistance Fund has been involved in the design, implementation and management of its Associates for 30 years in the interests of its Associates of services and services of an exclusively welfare and corporate welfare nature; in accordance with the current legislative and regulatory provisions and in accordance with, where existing and applicable, Regulations, Collective Employment Agreements or Corporate Agreements.

Since its inception, Previdir has carried out a growing development path that now leads it to include a large number of Members and Associated Companies, in all these years has demonstrated a strong ability to keep up with the times, always engaged in the continuous search for quality insurance tools more responsive to the needs emerging from social and economic transformations , to offer and guarantee undisputed levels of welfare plans.

But the real challenge to achieve more and more the set mission that the Fund intends to achieve, is to be able to guarantee a constant and excellent Service to follow every single Associate throughout the stay in Previdir.

The discipline of the forms of assistance provided by the Fund, both in direct management mode – through agreements with specialized health care operators, and through Agreements with the Insurance System of Insurance Companies, is contained within specific Programs:

Previdir also promotes for individuals and their families:

There are already 1,600 companies associated with the Fund, with more than 20,000 assisted.